Precious Interruptions

Life is full of interruptions. It seems like the more kids you have, the more interruptions there are. I have five kids that are all seven and under, so you can imagine. I am usually able to keep a good perspective on things. I realize how blessed I am to have them and I absolutely love being Daddy. There’s never a moment that their hugs, kisses, bedtime prayers and even playful wrestling matches don’t touch the deepest part of heart. But . . . there are moments when I do get frustrated. I guess because I realize what I have, those moments stay with me for days as I ponder how precious those interruptions truly are.

I wonder how many people see God as an interruption to their life? Sometimes it kind of seems that way. Almost like He comes along on Sunday morning and interrupts a perfectly good weekend; or the relaxing time on the couch watching the 4p football game. Believe it or not, our attitudes and actions sometimes make it look that way.

What if it’s not as we see it at all? What if our egocentric glasses keep us from seeing clearly? I often consider whether or not I am an interruption to God? Perhaps God views some of my attitudes and actions as an interruption to a  wonderfully pure relationship with His creation? If I can focus long enough to see my life from God’s perspective, I’m sure I would see periods of holy union abruptly interrupted by me. Certainly not very precious to God.


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