Harding Deals with Homosexuality

It seems like I have always been a step behind when it comes to the latest trends and current events. Okay, probably more like two steps behind. I just recently became aware of the issues that came up at Harding and other campuses involving homosexuality. And I just now came across the statement that Dr. Burks made when he publicly addressed the issue in chapel.

I appreciate so much his leadership and Harding’s willingness to stand up for God on this issue. It would be so easy to deal with this in a non-public way so as to avoid confrontation and the chance of bad publicity. Instead, they chose to do the right thing. Thank you Dr. Burks! This makes me proud to be part of the Harding family.

Just like any of the sins that exist in my life, homosexuality is also a sin. It’s not a lifestyle decision. It’s not who a person is. It’s not how they were born. It’s a decision to ignore the leading of the spirit of God and embrace the leading of Satan. God condemns this and all others sins. I will humbly do the same as I try everyday to keep the planks out of my own eye. As in all things, we should all strive to be Christ-like by loving all people from all corners of the earth, while we strive equally as hard to help each other become more like Him each day.


2 thoughts on “Harding Deals with Homosexuality

  1. Andrew

    Jeremy, the word queer is there because Dr. Burkes is issuing a statement in response to the group that called themselves the “HU Queer Press”


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