Why I Write

I really enjoy reading blogs from other Christians. It’s neat to see the themes that come up in each of the blogs. It’s so easy to see, not only what’s important to each writer, but what gifts they have. For example, someone I went to Harding with, Matt Dabbs, is a terrific Equipper. It’s clear that he really embraces what Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:12. Matt has a wonderful educational background and he really utilizes his education through compiling and sharing resources and ideas. Whether or not he realizes it, Matt is a huge blessing for many Preachers and Christians – me in particular.

I also love reading what Terry Rush shares. Terry has so much wisdom, experience and insight. He’s been in ministry for so long. And yet he still has such fresh thoughts and ideas that serve as terrific reminders and challenges for me in my walk with the Lord.

Another blogger I love to follow is Bobby Valentine. He’s a scholar who has such a depth of knowledge of the Stone-Campbell movement. I enjoy reading his blog for his thoughts on the history of the Restoration Movement as well as the critical nature with which he is able to analyze issues. Like I said, he’s a scholar, and it shows through his analysis and insight.

These are just three of the many blogs I follow. I mentioned this because I’ve been thinking about the topics that I often write about. My blogging quickly reveals my passion – helping people discover an authentic faith that they alone are responsible for. I am so convicted and convinced that one of the biggest things that pulls people away from Jesus is the lack of depth and authenticity in their walk with Him. Here’s what I mean. Too often we allow our faith to be supported and described solely by our understanding of doctrine, instead of developing and growing an actual relationship with our Creator and Savior.

This is so unfortunate. And for too long it described me. Experience really does make the best teacher. It’s interesting to see how people who are people who are successful in their field got there by failing forward. Look at Dave Ramsey for example. He’s one of the most successful people at giving financial advice. He had to fail first. He had to go bankrupt before he would learn what he’s making a fortune teaching others now. Although I’m not making a fortune in dollars, I had to fail first.

In the past, I tried to base my faith on doctrine; more specifically having the correct doctrine (or at least the most correct). That method failed, and as a result my faith crumbled beneath the pressure that Satan applied. So now that I have made it through that failure, I am so passionate about teaching everyone and anyone who will listen that a faith like that won’t make it. It’s simply not a Biblical faith.

For our faith to last and make it through Satan’s attacks it has to be based on an intimate relationship with Christ that grows and deepens itself with each step you take. And with each step, that faith begins to transform you more and more into looking like Jesus. That’s the whole point. That’s what Paul preached over and over again (Romans 12:1-2). What’s so cool about it is that the more we look like Jesus the more peace we’ll have in our lives and the more people will be attracted to us and want to know what makes us look that way.

That’s why I write.


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