You’re One of those Rubber-Neckers!

My wife is the worst rubber-necker ever! I suppose do a little a rubber-necking of my own. But honestly, I’m too impatient to slow down too much to check out the wreck. Usually, because of all the other rubber-neckers, by the time I get to where I am passing the wreck I am just so frustrated that I speed on by. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

I was just looking at viewer stats for the blog and noticed something that was not really surprising, but was nonetheless a little disappointing. Over the past month, the blog that received the most hits was titled “I’m Traditionally Progressive as a Conservative Liberal.” In fact, this particular blog received twice the amount of attention as the next busiest blog. The reason is fairly obvious. There are some attention-grabbing key words in the title. Now, I do try to think of attention-grabbing titles for all my blogs. But when you’re discussing the topics of traditional/progressive and conservative/liberal it creates a scene similar to a bad wreck; and then all the rubber-neckers show up.

Obviously a lot of folks who aren’t regular readers checked out that blog. Some of them probably wanted to find out what I meant by the title. Some were probably hateful legalists looking for a target. Maybe others were just glad to see someone say what they have been thinking. I don’t know, those are just guesses. When it comes to dealing with these divisive issues and divisive people, it seems like we have either too many people who speed on by out of frustration or slow down just enough to check out the carnage. What we need a lot more of is people who are willing to get out of their cars, get down into the middle of the mess and help clean it up.

I must say that I understand why more people don’t stop. In some ways, I don’t blame you. You might see the mess and think that it was created by people being silly, foolish, etc (those are my kind words) and conclude that it’s not your problem and that they should clean up their own mess. You might be right, but here’s the rub, they probably can’t. In fact, if they could, they wouldn’t be in the mess in the first place. They need people to show them how. The other reason more people only slow down enough to get a look is because they realize that if they get out to help, they could become part of the wreck. Nobody wants that, which is why so many people stay quiet and refuse to speak up or ask tough questions. They know that it might hurt.

At the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, I’ll close with the famous quote from Edmund Burke – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Over-selling a little? Yes. But a truth to be considered and applied, definitely. Want the wrecks to stop? Do something about them.


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