Easter . . . ugh!

Facebook provides some terrific avenues for sharing our lives. The troubling part is that we really shouldn’t be quite so proud to share some parts of our lives. For most Christ followers, we are naturally reticent to be open with our struggles and sins – especially on Facebook. No, definitely on Facebook. Most of us would never share with the world the things that even makes us squirmish to share with our spouses.

So it just kind of strikes me as strange that we are so bold . . . and maybe even shameless, when it comes to sharing just how vain, shallow and materialistic we are. I guess it’s just ironic that the two of the more extreme instances are times that are generally reserved for celebrating Jesus Christ–Christmas and Easter.

Whether Jesus was born on Christmas is not really that important. He was certainly not born on December 25th and probably not even in the winter. But again . . . not really the point. That we have taken a time of remembering his birth and turned it into a blitzkrieg of commercialism is sad; and should be embarrassing. Yet we’re often too busy opening our presents to feel any shame.

This year I’ve noticed that same theme show up on Facebook with all the pictures of people’s Easter outfits. I’m sorry, call me uncultured, but I really don’t care how cute the matching outfits are of your kids (even if you did get a great deal on them at Children’s Place). At some point the focus of the day has shifted from being entirely about an empty tomb, to where Jesus now has to share the spotlight with our newest purchases and our “dolled up” children. It seems that we have determined that the best way to honor God incarnate, the man who lived the last years of his life in virtual poverty without his own home, is to spend hours on coordinating our wardrobes and dressing up our kids so they are ready to enter beauty pageants. Really? That’s what we bring to the communion table together?

Why can’t we leave the expressions of our vanity, and contempt for modesty, for times that shouldn’t otherwise be centered around Jesus Christ? How about Columbus Day? I hear there’s still good sales then.


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