Homosexuality and the Kingdom

I’m going to venture into the political world. Well, sort of. It’s really a Kingdom of God kind of thing that is sprinkled with a political issue.

I’ve probably lost my mind, but, oh well.

I have begun to wonder whether or not we Jesus followers may have gotten the whole homosexual marriage/rights thing wrong? Before you lose your mind on me, let point out a couple of things. First, I didn’t say anything about the act of homosexuality. I believe that like many other choices we face, that homosexuality is sinful and breaks God’s heart. Second, I said I’m just beginning to wonder.

So let me say it again – I’m beginning to wonder if we might be missing the boat on the legalization of marriage for gay couples. I’m working off of the assumption that most evangelicals are adamantly opposed to gay marriage on the basis of our opposition to homosexuality. I get it. I’ve thought that way. Still do actually. I’m just trying to think through it a little more.

There’s two issues that I’m working through with this. First, what exactly is gained by not allowing homosexual couples to marry and have legal rights? Let me be more specific. I’m really not interested in upholding political conservative values. In fact, I really couldn’t care less. Our version of politics make me sick. However, there is one man’s politics that I am quite interested in following – Jesus Christ. He is my King. I live eternally in his Kingdom. That’s not going to change. I happen to live in the United States. That could change.

The fact is, there are a lot of laws in my country that disgust me. And there’s a lot of ‘places’ where I think there should be laws, but aren’t. So one more that I don’t personally care for isn’t going to affect my soul or anyone else’s for that matter.

I just asked the question: “what exactly is gained by not allowing homosexual couples to marry and have legal rights?” Here’s my point, do you think a homosexual couple is going to stop living in their sin because we lobbied hard enough and were able to keep that law from being passed? I don’t either. What I do think is that I stand a better chance of speaking Christ into their lives if they see that I love and respect them, even though I may not agree with their lifestyle.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I absolutely believe that homosexuality is a sin. But it’s no more sinful than my pride and ego, or your lust, or your porn problem, or your spouse’s materialism. Or ‘you know who’s’ gossip. But I don’t see many people jumping up and down about those. In fact, I often see Satan using some of that stuff to run rough shot through churches; and yet we hardly blink an eye.

I’m just beginning to wonder if we might be missing the point a little?


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