Seeing Love at Work

I posted this a couple of years ago. A few thoughts about the death of my grandfather who died five years ago.

Leaving the Noise Behind

I was wasting a little time on the internet and came across an obituary for my grandfather. My grandfather died January 26, 2009. He had been in and out of the hospital repeatedly during the last two years of his life and was not well. In the final two months he contracted a staph infection that the doctors were not able to treat. Those last couple of months were hard on him physically. They were especially tough on my grandmother. I know that she wanted to be by his side the entire time. But living in a hospital room and sleeping on a pull out chair is tough once you get older. My uncles all live nearby. And so they would all take turns sitting with grandfather each night – just to make sure that he was never alone and was always cared for. But that was so tough for…

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