Is the Kingdom of God Political?

Check out this three minute clip titled “Is the Kingdom of God Political?”

A group of people whose fundamental similarity is the experience of God’s grace, redemption and healing will have a significantly greater impact on their neighbors, their community and even the world, than a group who attempts to pursue political change in the name of Christ by means which Christ himself  never attempted (i.e. legislating morality).

Jesus’ ministry and his preaching appears to promote a deconstruction of Jewish political thought. For example, for every “you have heard it said” in Mathew chapters 5-7, Jesus sought to undo the political expectation and replace it with a moral absolute that was decidedly focused on a new form of politics – the Kingdom of God.

Likewise, Jesus’ words “let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone” (John 8:7) served to undermine the religio-political leaders of the day. And in their place he sought to to implant a new way of thinking that was devoid of any earthly notion of legislative morality.


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