Five Simple Questions to Help You Share Your Faith

imagesEver struggle with getting a spiritual conversation started with someone? I do, and it’s never for lack of desire. Sometimes it’s just tough to know where to start. A friend shared some thoughts from Alex Absolom. I’ve heard Alex speak before. He’s an author and pastor. And pretty good at both. Here’s his web site. I’d like to pass on some of what he had to say about sharing Jesus (with a few thoughts of my own sprinkled in).

Here’s five questions to ask.

  1. Can I know your story? Here’s some other ways of asking this. “Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What do you think has led you there?” “How’d you end up where you are now?” Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know and this can be a great way to turn it towards spiritual matters.
  2. Can I pray for you? This may be uncomfortable, but that’s really only because it’s not something that you’re used to doing. I can only recall one person who didn’t want me to pray for them. Here’s a couple of ways to approach it, “I try to pray every night before I go to bed. I’d like to pray for you. Is there anything specific you’d like me to pray for?” If they say yes and give you something specific, then offer to pray about it right then. Of course, one place that’s always available is to ask your server at restaurants if you can pray for them. “We are going to pray for our food, is there anything we can pray for you about?” Don’t be too scared to be a blessing!
  3. Can I serve you? Another way to ask this might be, “I feel like God is calling me to be a blessing to you. How could I serve you?” Once you’ve broken the ice this is a great way to create some depth in the relationship. But before you ask someone how you can serve them, be sure to ask God to get them ready to be served.
  4. Can I share my story? This will probably come further along once there is some relationship already formed. Not always, but it might be a little awkward to start off with this. All believers should be a great witness for Christ. Of course, your life is the first and greatest way that you can be a witness for Jesus and the Gospel. Another is to have your story rehearsed and kind of in your back pocket. Try to be able to share (without notice) how God has and is working in your life. I’d suggest that you have a one minute and fifteen minute version ready. The one minute is obviously for a brief conversation where you really can’t sit down with the person. The fifteen minute version is where you can sit down for coffee or lunch.
  5. Can I share God’s story? This is where we hope to have every conversation end, sharing the Gospel. The story of how God so longs for a personal, intimate relationship with you that he sent his Son (in the form of a man) to come to earth to redeem all his lost people. The greatest story ever told. Here’s the only catch . . . be ready to tell it! Know how you want to share. Have a scripture memorized that you can include. Rehearse it on someone and get some feedback.

I’ve prayed over every person who will read this post. May God open doors for you. May he bring his lost children into your path. May he bring life-giving words into your heart and mind to share. And may he bring your the courage to share them. Amen!

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