A Response to the Mother of a Homosexual Child

My heart breaks for people who struggle with their sexual identity. I know several homosexual Christians (and yes, I believe you can be both). And I am aware of some of their struggles as they seek to understand and reconcile who they believe themselves to be with how they read the Scriptures. Because of these relationships, I hope that I have been made more sensitive to this discussion. That is to say, more quick to love, listen and think. And much slower to judge or come to a preconceived conclusion. I think that’s why this article/blog caught my attention.

In the article (the link is at the bottom of the post), a mother of a homosexual young man responds to Beth Moore’s teaching against homosexuality.

I’m slow to the table of the discussion concerning LGBT issues. In fact, I’m not yet comfortable with the ‘B’ and ‘T’ part of that grouping. But that’s for another time. My thinking has developed in stages. I have moved from disdainful and dismissive (or ignoring), to disdainful and thinking “they” were all sick, to trying to understand but having no clue, to loving and trying to understand but still having no clue, to loving, seeking to understand and having some reasonably formed thoughts.

Did you follow that? I’m not sure I did. By the way, I say all that with no sense of pride. Simply explaining.

I do have thoughts. I didn’t say have answers that I’m confident with. That still bothers me. But I’m slow and have questions about a lot of things. So I’ll just have to live with it. But here’s six thoughts I am sure of.

1. God loves everyone equally. So I should as well.

2. No one understands the Bible as well as they think they do. And I have found that the people who are the most argumentative and dogmatic are generally the most ignorant.

3. The Bible calls homosexuality a sin. I think most people who read the Bible with as little bias as possible will agree with this. Where we differ is our exegesis and application of those texts. I happen to take those texts at face value. There are other texts/issues that I exegete differently that people will take exception with me over. I have determined to give the same grace that I hope to receive. So, I will just agree to disagree.

4. The first line in the article (please read it) implies that everyone who disagrees with a homosexual lifestyle is homophobic. That is offensive and slanderous. Again, we you accuse me of being homophobic I am deeply offended and feel disrespected. Please don’t assume that I’m homophobic. I am not.

5. Pluralism absolutely, without a doubt, aggravates me. Where has truth gone? It seems as though we have discarded truth as a relic of past times that no longer brings any bearing on our lives. If you want to be respected for your right to believe, think and live they way you choose, then afford me that same right.

6. I leave this thought for last because it generates in me a deep sense of humility. I can’t possibly understand what it’s like to live as a gay Christian. I can’t imagine what that means. Nor could I possibly understand what it’s like for a Christian parent, who may think similarly to myself, to hear for the first time and live with having a gay child. But I am a Dad. And I have given it a lot of thought. I take this as a blessing. Because it reminds me to be careful about creating walls with people with whom I disagree. So, I return to my first thought, God loves everyone – that means I should as well.


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