About the Author

About the Author

I grew up in a military family. For those who are not familiar, that’s code for, we lived all over the world. In fact, by the time I began the 8th grade I had attended six different schools. The U.S. Army led us to places like Oahu, HI, Huntsville and Dothan, AL, Crailsheim and Augsburg, Germany and Satellite Beach, FL.

After graduating from high school (which was literally across the street from the beach) I went to Harding University in Searcy, AR where I majored in History and Political Science. At Harding I met and married Molly, Harding’s star basketball player. I was also able to get a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Harding and one day soon I’ll my thesis so I can get an MDiv at Heritage Christian University.

I’m the Family Life Minister for the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota, FL. I’m excited about and absolutely love telling people the story of Jesus and presenting God’s story in powerful and relevant ways. I’m also passionate about helping the Church return to it’s roots found in God’s Word where Love and Grace abounded and the path to true Unity is found.

Molly and I are blessed with five children. They’re all still young. The oldest is twelve and the youngest is five. We have a full, loud, fun and completely loving home. In addition to work and family, I enjoy coaching Little League Baseball, and watching the Atlanta Braves and Alabama Football.

Please remember that the opinions, thoughts or ideas presented on the blog do not necessarily represent the position of the Central Church of Christ or it’s Shepherds. I speak only for myself and I alone bear the responsibility for what is written on this blog.

Please contact me at jeremy(dot)schopper(at)centralsarasota(dot)com.


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